TSI Sledge V3 Deck - Raw

The company that arguably started it all, TSI, has brought back the Sledge. This 3rd version has a couple of small adjustments that too the untrained eye, won't mean much. However, if you have been following the evolution of TSI over the years you will notice they are taking note of your suggestions. TSI is always trying to alter their products and make sure the consumer ends up with the best deck possible. 

The V3 has a different blunt plate and weld from its predecessor and a redesigned extrusion to help with rail hangups. The botom of the extrustion is now angled. This results in no longer having a 90 degree point of contact with whatever obstacle you are grinding. 

All sledge decks are 5" wide and have a 83 degree headtube angle. Fits up to 125mm wheels.

  • 6061 Aircraft grade aluminum: Heat treated to T6
  • Integrated Head Tube
  • 5" Wide boxed extrusion
  • 83 degree head tube angle. 3.5 lbs
  • 24" radius concave
  • Convex FlexFender
  • Grade 8 Axel bolt
  • Integrated steel spacers
  • Welded with the highest grade welding rod (4643, used by Boeing on jets)
  • Deck includes brake, axle and all supporting hardware



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