TSI Boxcutter Deck - Black

The TSI Box Cutter is the newest evolution in the TSI line of decks. The top of the deck features classic scooter styling with a small ridge along the edge to help keep your feet in place. The bottom of the deck is enclosed and completely flat, making grinds smoother than ever before. TSI strengthened their neck extrusion by adding .0625” to the width and .625 to the length of the ridges, which provides 25% more surface area for welds. This means a stronger connection between the neck and base, resulting in a longer lasting bond. The slight curve in the neck will also distribute the force of impact evenly throughout the deck. Included with the Box Cutter are aluminum deck ends. One side is counter sunk for the bolt head and the other side is threaded. Meaning you will only need one tool to switch wheels. The most anticipated feature of TSI's newest release is the 5.5" width and 22.2" length.

  • Axle, brake and supporting hardware included
  • 4.6 lbs including deck-ends and axle
  • 5.5" x 22.2"



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