TILT Selects Durare Spoked Core Wheels - Bone

The Durare Spoked Wheels - Selects Bone go beyond just a new color, you’re getting a new hardness. The medium soft hardness is better for speed, grip, and a smooth ride. Durability drops a bit, so these may not be a fit for you if you’re hard on wheels.

Only available in 30x120 for this 1 time release.

*While Tilt was targeting 83a, the wheels ended up being in-between the target 83a and the standard 86a. You’re still getting a slightly softer wheel, but this is why they chose to say medium soft.

  • Weight (30mm x 120mm): 21.6 oz per pair
  • Core: Billet 6061-T6 aluminum 7-spoke
  • Bearings: Pregreased
  • Spacers: Precision ground 52100 steel
  • Bearings: 608
  • Axle: M8

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