Native Advent V2 Saundezy Sig. Deck [PRE-ORDER]

Kai “Saundezy” Saunders' signature Native deck features a unique 5.5" x 21" size catering to his preferred specs. Limited colorway and graphics to stand out from the rest of the Advent V2 lineup.

  • 5.5" wide x 21.5" long
  • Fully flat bottom
  • Integrated rear deck dnds
  • Brakeless Fender
  • Fits wheels up to 30x125

***Pre-order information***

Estimated ship date: November 2020

This purchase secures your pre-order for a Native Advent V2 Saundezy Sig Deck. If you are ordering other products with this purchase, your additional items will be held and shipped at the same time as your pre-order. Please be aware that the estimated ship date is not guaranteed, and may be affected by unexpected delays. Pre-orders will be fulfilled in the order they are received.


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