Affinity V Bars - Raw

Affinity is the king of the T-bar game, taking pride in making top notch products, made from resources in the US is just one the things that differentiates a Affinity bars to any other bar out there. The Bol bar design originating from Jessica Bolands signature Apex bar has become a fan favorite all over the world and the guys over at Affinity finally took it into their hands to produce one of their own. This bar comes stock at 28" inches tall, and 23" inches wide which is a game changer since all the taller riders out theres have a option now in this design. Of course you'll be greeted with the infamous Affinity vinyl sticker going down the bar that you would normally get with their product. This bar does come in both Oversized and Standard so no matter what compression you plan on running, these bars will work for you.

  • 27" x 23"
  • Available in standard and oversized
  • 2lbs, 10oz

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