Outset began June 2016. Although the brand was new, the concept was not. We've been in scooter retail since 2009 through our former company, Sky High Scooters. Seeing the scooter industry grow over the past 7 years has been crazy to say the least. We went from Razor Pro Models to endless amounts of aftermarket companies providing support. Scooter retail has always been mom and pop stores; the parents or relatives of scooter riders who see a niche market they think they'll become successful in. Perhaps they believe they know the market and understand how their customers think. The reality is, they'll never truly understand scooter riding because they don't ride a scooter. Outset is here to change that stigma. Everybody involved in the company rides, and have been riding scooters for a very long time. The reality is, we're just like you - scooter riders doing what we love.

We're currently an online-only shop. We plan to open a physical location within the Chicagoland area if things work out.



Tommy Daddono            Richard Harck